About Us

Scrap Bits is a graphic design and paper production studio located in southeastern, Pennsylvania offering a variety of supplies to make your special events a BIT more special!  Personalized Favor Stickers & Tags combined with creative packaging is the core of our business with both PRINTED and PRINTABLE options. You can find coordinating Invitations, Party Signs, Cupcake Toppers, Thank You Cards and Banners to match our design themes as well.  Since 2009, Scrap Bits has also offered a range of DIY supplies like cardstock, die cuts, flat cards, envelopes, blank tags, escort cards, favor boxes and bags, embellishments, ribbon and twine.

All of our items are printed, packed and shipped from our studio in Southeastern, PA.

Scrap Bits
1 Paddock Circle
Lincoln University, PA  19352
My name is Charlene and I am the creative mind behind Scrap Bits.  My love for creativity began at a young age.  You see, I was the kid that colored inside the lines, outside the lines and everywhere in between.  I loved coloring!  And my love for creative packaging started then too.  I would take hours to wrap a single present.  Making sure the wrapping paper lined up, selecting ribbon and arranging it so it would be uniquely presented.  It drove my mother crazy!
I took my passion to college and got my degree in Interior and Graphic Design.  From there I began working in the Architectural world, designing corporate office spaces, retails shops and restaurants.  I loved my job!  Seeing spaces that I designed being built was so rewarding.  But I was always dabbling with my own creative endeavors outside of the office.  I got married at the age of 30 and fully immersed myself into the planning.  I spent endless hours designing invitations (and all the other happy paper stuff that goes with those), carefully choosing the perfect favors and completely styling each and every detail of the day.  I had nothing to do with the fabulous, sunny day we had.  Temps in the low 80's, a variant breeze in the air.  I'll give that one to Mother Nature, but the rest was all me.  Yes, it was a day full of perfectly executed details that would warrant a nod from Martha Stewart.  Looking back, that day was the "match" that ignited an even deeper desire to explore other design avenues.
Then life started moving quickly!  After the birth of my first daughter I decided to give things a go on my own.  My years of training gave me the courage I needed.  I started this journey designing and producing jewelry.  But that is a whole other story!  My husband I and I had two more sweet girls and my life started to fill up with all things pink and frilly.  I planned themed birthday parties for them that involved designing one of a kind invitations, unique party favors and coordinating decor.  I of course made sure every detail was delightful.  Year after year, I made it my mission to make sure no two parties were alike and each one was special.  Every detail perfectly crafted.  It was the rave reviews from moms, dads and little party guests that inspired me to share my ideas and creativity more publicly.
With love and support from my husband (aka. the shipping department) and girls, I opened up an Etsy Shop in 2009 and Scrap Bits was born!  I am now able to share my design talent everyday by offering products that enhance the details of the perfect party, allow weddings to have that element that makes their "special day" extra special, and give small business owners products to help with their branding.  And finally, for the "do-it-yourselfers" that can't get enough of crafting . . . I am here for you too!As Frank Lloyd Wright once said . . . It's all in the details.  I couldn't agree more!  It is the details that delight me and allow me to be a small part of others BIG creative ideas.
Thanks for taking the time to visit and learn a little bit about me.  I hope you come back often!