Where to print my Corjl Digital Files?

Understanding File Types

Understanding the difference in File Types is essential in knowing the best way to have your files printed. 

JPEG Files

A digital JPEG file works just like a digital photograph & can be printed at any local photo lab such as CVS or Walgreens, with an online printing service (check vendor accepted file types) or at home just as you would print any normal digital photo

PDF Files

A digital PDF File is good for printing on your own at home or at any office supply store like Kinkos or Staples.


Printing At Home

One of the benefits of our digital files and templates is that you can print from the convenience of your own home! PDF format with trim marks is best for quality printing at home (multiples per page is recommended to save paper). White matte card stock of 100 lb. or higher is recommended. Color inkjet printers set to maximum quality will produce the best results when printing at home. All designs are created in high resolution. If there are issues with print quality, it is likely due to improper printer settings, weight, style or color of paper, ink levels, etc. We are unable to troubleshoot computer or printer issues, but we will attempt to help in any way that we can.

Professional Printing

If you’re considering a professional online printer, I highly recommend Prints of Love. Scrap Bits has partnered with them to offer fast, high quality, affordable printing with FREE Priority shipping in the U.S.! FREE ENVELOPES included for Invitation and Note Card orders! For every order placed using our link below, a tree will be planted in your name! You will receive a quality product while helping protect the environment! Win, win!

Click Here - https://printsoflove.com/ref/scrap-bits/

You may also print at your local print shop, office supply store or online print lab, such as Mpix.com, Zazzle.com, Office Max/Depot, Staples, Walmart (select premium card stock, not photo paper) etc. JPG format with bleed is recommended for professional printing but some print shops will accept or prefer PDF. Bleed is already set to print standard 1/4" (or 0.25). Simply save the files and deliver on a USB flash drive, send via email or upload online to the printer of your choice.

Printing Round Labels

★ JPEG (Recommended): We recommend the Single Digital Image to be used with your labelstock template of choice.

The JPEG image can be used and placed individually in your preferred brand design template or online printing software. We recommend the Design & Print Online service at Avery.com. Please note that round label templates appear square when you download them, however they are cut round when uploaded to a round label template. See notes below for resizing.

★ PDF: This is a Digital PDF Sheet with multiple tags.
This option is NOT recommended for use the any pre-cut labelstock. It is for hand-cut labels only.

Resizing Round Labels:

The 3” round labels can be printed in smaller sizes by placing the JPEG image individually in your preferred brand design template or uploaded online and then resizing the image. This can be done in programs like Microsoft Word, but we recommend the Design & Print Online service at Avery.com to print directly to one of their pre-cut labelstock sheets for easy alignment.

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